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Air Purge Systems

Air purge systemsDid you realise that 30-60 litres of milk, per milking, is left in the milkline at the end of milking?? Essentially you are flushing away an astonishing 21,900 litres of milk a year.



An air purge system is worth considering in any herringbone or rotary dairy.  Air purge systems reduces the amount of milk left in the line before the plant wash begins.

An air purge is a device which helps reduce the amount of milk left in lines at the end of milking, if used in conjunction with an automatic washing system it may also reduce the amount of residual water in the system between wash cycles.

Once milking is finished, the air purge pushes compressed air through the system which completely empties the delivery line, from the milk pump right through to the milk tank.

There could be as much as 30-60 litres of milk in the line depending on the distance between the milk pump and the vat.

Advantages of using an Air Purge System

  • More milk is cleared from the milk line.

  • Reduces post-wash residual water.

  • Reduces the amount of time washing.